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Born in Hong Kong, Winson Chiu is a keen self-taught artist and educator of visual arts for over 16 years.


Realism has predominantly been Chiu’s chosen style, capturing nature with true-to-life expression. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, insects, and antique utensils are common subjects in Chiu’s art, which he believes triggers simple but beautiful memories in his audiences’ minds.


In the past, Chiu has been chosen as the Artist in Residence at the Vancouver School Board. He was also juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists, a registered charity that aims to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians. Chiu’s artwork has been displayed in a number of exhibitions in Vancouver, BC, including the Annual International Mail-in Art Exhibition (2019) and Painting on the Edge (2019).


Chiu has developed his own creative vocabulary and inimitable style after years of working in the visual arts. Through his paintings, we experience our surroundings with a new expansive and compelling perspective.





       ““八度工作室”已走過了16個年頭”,趙家和說,“學生組成由小一至大學生, 及成人都有.”他愛繪畫、愛教畫的初衷熱情沒有絲毫遞減,就像天際那一抹彩虹,永遠是那麼鮮亮動人。

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